Chakra Candle – Sahasrara, The Crown

by Wild Olive


“I UNDERSTAND is the candle for knowledge, consciousness, fulfilment. This Candle has the aroma therapeutic properties of essential oils that could help you during meditation or the practice of Yoga. In order to experience the best results with your candle, please follow the instructions found on the leaflet inside the box. Represented in the colour violet, the Crown Chakra is our connection with thought, self-knowledge, self-will, and divine connection. It governs the pineal gland, pituitary gland, cerebral cortex, cerebrum, the right eye, the right brain hemisphere, central nervous system, the subconscious mind, and large muscle control. A balanced crown chakra will allow for wisdom, intelligence, ability to analyze, spiritual connection and open mindedness. The essential oil composition will enhance your clarity of mind.

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