Version Originale Liquid Marseille Soap – Black Jasmine

by Compagnie de Provence


This authentic liquid Marseille soap is saponified in a cauldron, in the purest tradition of master soap makers and contains 97,7% ingredients of natural origin. Created with organic olive oil, Coconut oil, no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no colouring agents, no animal fats, it gently cleanses the skin and leaves it with a beautiful and delicate fragrance. Presented in a reusable glass pump bottle.

Black Jasmine – A captivating fragrance of jasmine, magnified by the spicy notes of black pepper.


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About Compagnie de Provence
Compagnie de Provence crafts exquisitely scented soaps and creams in the port city of Marseille. Each hypoallergenic, dye-free formula gently moisturizes and cleans with natural vegetable oils. Antibacterial and mildly antiseptic, each of these sink-side treats is perfumed with a medley of aromas gleaned from the French seaside.

Version Originale goes back to the source of Compagnie de Provence. It ties with the ancestral history of the cube of Marseille soap, with the authenticity and quality of raw materials, and with the benefits of natural and simple ingredients.